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"Blithe Spirit”, the mystical farce written by actor/writer/musician and song writer Noel Coward, was presented on October 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, and 21, 2007 at the Billie Limacher Bicentennial Park Theatre, opening the 75th season of The Joliet Drama Guild with things that go bump in the night.

This well loved comedy centers on novelist Charles Condomine's invitation to lady medium Madame Arcati to his country home in order to learn the language of the occult. The sceance staged by the medium summons back Charles' first dead wife, Elvira, who appears only to Charles, and torments him by reminding him of their days and nights together. As Charles is the only one who can see or hear her, complications arise when he tries to converse with her as well as anyone present. Elvira is not about to leave peacefully, much to the chagrin of Charles and his 2nd wife, Ruth. Soon the furniture flies and doors bang open and shut as both wives fight to keep Charles to themselves.

Production Staff and Cast:

Production Staff


Marie Salvaggione


Mike Manolakes & Jan Novotny

Stage Manager

Tammie Terry

Stage Manager

Mike Manolakes

Special Effects Director

Ryan Ruffatti


Tina Matriciano

Lighting Design

Peter M. Piane

Lights Operator

Dan Jagodzinski

Sound Operator

Martin Jamison


Charles Condomine

Mike Manolakes



Elvira Condomine

Bri Gustafson

Dr. Bradman

Brian Winfield

Mrs. Bradman

Brenda Hahn

Madame Arcati

Jan Novotny


Katie Binns


Arcati%20meets%20Bradmans.jpg        Charles%20tells%20Ruth%20about%20Elvira.jpg
Arcati meets the Bradmans     Charles tells Ruth about Elvira
Hahn, Winfield, & Novotny      Ashcraft, & Manolakes

Elvira & Charles         Elvira comes to haunt Charles
Gustafson & Manolakes      Gustafson, Ashcraft, & Manolakes

Instructions%20for%20seance.jpg                 M%20Arcati,%20Edith%20and%20Charles.jpg
Instructions for the seance     Novotny, Binns, & Manolakes
Ashcraft, Manolakes, Novotny,

Winfield, & Hahn

Ashcraft, Manolakes, Novotny, Winfield, & Hahn

Thanks to Jan Novotny & Tammie Terry for the photographs.



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