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Thank you to all who came to see our Follies of 2015! the show was the first of it’s kind in many years,

and judging from the ovations, it was a success! The cast enjoyed it as well, and are looking forward to the next

time we do a show like it. Which might be sooner than you think! Here are some pictures from the performances:


Not just solos, but duets, ensembles, you name it!   We want to showcase all of the talent in the Joliet area!
Our cast includes performers whose age ranges from 8 to 70+! This show has something for everyone!

Under the direction of Marty Kaspar, this show is sure to make you smile, laugh, tap your feet, and maybe even dance a little in the aisle!

Performance dates are August 7-8-9 and 14-15-16, inside the Billie Limacher Bicentennial Park Theatre.

Tickets are only $10 for this special show! Group rates and other discounts also still apply!

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You can purchase tickets here:  

Congratulations to the troupe of performers that performed this year at The Joliet Follies of 2015!

They include, in no particular order:
Gianna Totani, Malaeh Blackburn, Alexus Maldanado, Geena Jones, Olivia Steed, Madison Menchaca, Roger Barra, Kristy Kesselring, Nicole Kaestner, Makailah Arvin, JoDonna Gautschy, Melissa Locher, Joe Boron, Cheryl Foster, Holly Kilgore-Hogg, and Marty Kaspar.

And that’s not all! Each show will have a different featured performer or two that will be the main attraction for that particular show, making each show a little different. Here’s the list:

August 7th   Special Appearance by Nick Greanias   Nick Greanias

                           August 8th and 9th      Special Appearance by Larry Crawford  

Larry Crawford

August 14th and 15th       Special Appearance by Anthony W. Stockton

Anthony Stockton                           August 16th   Special Appearance by P. Diddy and the Trustees

P. Diddy and the Trustees

It’s going to be a great show no matter which performance or performances you attend, and at the incredibly reasonable rate of just $10, you can make it more than once! As a matter of fact, you can get them already online if you click on the “get tickets” link above.

Production News:

If you are interested in being a part of any of our future productions, please send information about yourself to JDG@jolietdramaguild.org, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Contact us at 1-877-JDG-1933,

or mail to:Joliet Drama Guild
PO Box 2904
Joliet, IL 60435