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Hello Dolly!

July 28, 29, 30 and Aug 4, 5, 6 2006.

One of America's most beloved musicals is back in a thrilling new production. New York. 1890s. Dolly Gallagher Levi, a refined matchmaker-extraordinaire, has been hired to arrange yet another marriage. But this time, she's in business for herself. Employing a host of other talents - like corset re-boning, ear piercing, pierced ears re-plugging, and dance instructing - Dolly attempts to win over her unsuspecting husband to be. Winner of 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical,Dolly!is the show-stopping "perfect match" for every musical fan.





Director  - Jan Novotny
Director -   Tom Novotny
Music Direction - Tom Hartley
Producer - Patrick L. Green
Cheorographer -  Brenda Hahn
Cheorographer -  Marty Kasper
Ermengarde - Rachel Mizwicki
Dolly Levi - Rae H. Williams
Ernestina -  Clare Sipe
Irene Malloy - Brenda Gilmore
Minnie Fay - Alyssa Emelio
Barnaby Tucker - Kevin Healey
Cornelius Hackl -  Robert Hackett
Ambrose Kemper -  Eric Sipe
Horace Vandergelder - Mike Manolakes
Rudolph Reisenweber - Tony Shannon

Carol Bergin, Alexis Black, Peyton Black, Dana Buxbaum, Mark Fracaro, Brenda Hahn, Claire Healey, Michael Hettinger, Becky Hicks, MartyKasper, Darrell Kelsey, Katie Kelsey, Tina Matriciano, Ellen McDonald, Brook Miller, Rachel Robins, Marie Salvaggione, Brandon Winterstein, Josh Lozano