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Jolocal authors showcaseliet Local Authors Showcase

On February 16th, 17th, and 18th, we  presented two separate plays, written by authors from our own local area! Each performance was preceded by the musical entertainment of either Tamara Martinez or Kristy Kesselring and Jared Ellis. After each performance we had a meet and greet session with the authors and cast to discuss the challenges in bringing a new production to life on stage.


On Friday February 16th and 17th, we  presented an original work by Jake Thomas, "The Show Must Go On or The Spirits of Comedy and Drama Present The Love of a Slave". About the play: Which is better, comedy or drama? This question has plagued theatergoers since the dawn of the art. In the madcap meta-drama The Show Must Go On, or The Spirits of Comedy and Drama Present The Love of a Slave this question is explored in a hilarious story by Jake Thomas. Join the very essences of Comedy and Drama as they and their theatre troupe  present a brand new play in the Ancient Greek tradition. This play has something for everyone, from romance to rage, from monsters to mischief, and everything in between, this play promises to bring a tear to your eye and a split to your side. DIrected by Jake Thomas and featuring him as Drama, the show also features Elyse Lorenz as Comedy, Jordan Wilner, and Jackie Flint.

Performances at 7:30 PM

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On Sunday, February 19th, we  concluded the Local Authors Showcase with "Locked In", by Kimberly D. Garrett. This stage production is centered around 5 people, casually familiar with each other, finding themselves LOCKED IN a church. The production will be directed by the author, Kimberly D. Garrett, and has already been cast and is in production. About the play: What happens when five people find themselves locked in the church together? Niceties quickly wear off, revealing quirky personality traits, pet peeves, past hurts, and shameful secrets never before told.

Performance at 4:00 PM


Thank you to all those involved in presenting these shows and featuring our local authors!