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Mary Mary02Mary Mary”, by Jean Kerr

Directed by Suzanne Kaspar and Assistant Director Nicole Kaestner

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Mary, Mary is a play by Jean Kerr.

After two previews, the Broadway production opened on March 8, 1961 at the original Helen Hayes Theatre (demolished in 1982), where it ran for nearly three years and nine months before transferring to the Morosco where it closed in December 1964, after 1572 performances. Directed by Joseph Anthony, the original cast starred Barbara Bel Geddes as Mary, Barry Nelson as Bob, Michael Rennie as Dirk, John Cromwell as Oscar, and Betsy Von Furstenberg as Tiffany. Bel Geddes was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play

he play became one of the longest-running productions of the 1960’s - 1572 performances!

"Mary, Mary," is a thoroughly delightful romp through the marital mores and woes of yesteryear. The story, in a nutshell, concerns a divorced couple, their current love interests, and their tax lawyer (Jake Thomas of Joliet) who would like to see the divorcées back together, if only for financial reasons. Ex-husband Bob (Marty Kaspar of Plainfield) is going to be remarried in two weeks, but finds himself in trouble with the IRS for back taxes. His lawyer forces him to see Mary (Jacqueline Ashcraft of Shorewood) to go over their canceled checks. Bob dreads the reunion, for good reason. As soon as they meet the incompatible couple start bickering over past issues. Yet Bob feels himself reluctantly getting involved with Mary. The situation gets complicated when Bob's fiancée Tiffany (Elyse Lorenz of Joliet) meets her and his movie-star neighbor (Carl Zeitler) makes romantic advances toward her.

Much to their surprise, the old sparks ignite, and Bob and Mary realize they're still in love despite their differences. But can they make it work this time?















Richard L. Breen adapted Kerr's play for a 1963 film version directed by Mervyn LeRoy. Nelson, Rennie, and Sherman reprised their stage roles, with Debbie Reynolds as Mary and Diane McBain as Tiffany

Production dates were September 27, 28, 29 and October 4, 5, 6.