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The Joliet Drama Guild presented it's  first production of the 79th season, Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling September 30,  October 1 and 2, and again October 7 - 9. This beloved play, directed by Mark Parker of Joliet, combined moments of pathos with sharp barbs and hilarious home truths as its cast of six women, ages 19 to 65 weave their lives together in Truvy Jones’ (Carolyn Sallade of Joliet) beauty shop in Chinquapin, Louisiana. The plot centers on M’Lynn Eatonton (Janette Quinn of Wheaton) and her daughter, Shelby (Jackie Nash of Joliet), as she undertakes the challenges of marriage and maternity, despite a severe case of Type 1 diabetes. The two lifelong rivals, and unlikely friends, Ouiser (Dee Hamilton of Hometown) and Clairee (Sue Martin of Joliet) duel under the dryer as Annelle (Aja Kolinski of Wilmington), a new beautician at Truvy’s shop tries to convince them all to seek a different spiritual path. The sparks fly as these Southern belles with backbones of steel meet in Truvy’s home beauty shop - and a true home it is for them all. The touching ending brings together sadness and hope as the ladies face the loss of one of their “family.”  We hope you were able to join us for this touching play that will resonate long after the curtain calls.

 Big, beautiful gift baskets were raffled off at every performance!

A big one each on Friday and  Saturdays, and 3 medium sized ones on Sunday.

Three lucky winners that day! (Baskets  are representative, but darn close)

See the baskets by clicking here!