July 27-29 and August 3-5

Written by Frank Loesser and Abe Burrows, and based on characters by Damon Runyon.

All the hot gamblers are in town for this week's incarnation of "The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York." But Nathan Detroit needs $1000 or there's no game, and Sarah Brown needs to find more sinners or the Save-A-Soul Mission will close. Nathan also has to deal with his longtime fiancÚ Adelaide who is pressuring him to get married; and Sarah finds that she is being pestered by gambler Skye Masterson who needs to woo her to win a bet. These and other colorful characters from Damon Runyon's Broadway inhabit this fun, popular musical as love triumphs over "the evils of gambling."

Production Staff and Cast:

Production Staff

Director Tina Matriciano
Producer - Mike Manolakes
Stage Manager - Jan Novotny
Tech Director - Tom Novotny 
Music Director - Marty Kaspar 
Orchestra Director - Max Gorcowski
Choreographer - Bri Gustafson
Rehearsal Pianist - Angela Salvaggione
Lights - Tom Matriciano
Spotlight - Tina Matriciano
Costumes - Rae H. Williams, Illusions Costume Company, & Josie O'Kain Costume Shop


Missionary - Becky Buechel
Gambler - Leon Briick
Gambler/Vendor - Steve Delreal
Nathan Detroit - Matt Dodge
Gambler/Boxer - Vic Genge
Agatha/Sightseeing Guide - Brenda Gilmore
Miss Adelaide - Bri Gustafson
Big Jule - Robert Hackett
Sarah Brown - Brenda Hahn
Martha/Havana Dancer - Claire Healy
Arvide - Jim Healy
Harry The Horse - Kevin Healy
Nicely-Nicely - Dan Jagodzinski
Hot Box Dancer/Assistant Vendor - Colleen Johansson
Skye Masterson - Marty Kaspar
Boxer Manager - Helen Levy
Benny Southstreet - Mike Manolakes
Missionary - Ellen McDonald
Lt. Brannigan/Police Officer - Robb Newton
Missionary - Terri Purcell
General Cartwright - Carol Roman
Hot Box Dancer - Emily Seymour
Broadway Denizen - Kathleen Stevens
Hot Box Dancer - Jacquie Voss
Hot Box Dancer - Phaelon Alexandria Voss
M.C./Texan - Pat Warren
Missionary - Abbie Welsch
Rusty Charlie/Havana Dancer - Paul Welsch

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