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Welcome JDG Members!

We are proud  members of the  member_of_full-small, and the  ITA Logo  

Once, there were many members. Now there are but a handful. We would like to change that! There are two levels of paid memberships - Standard and Sustaining. Click on the membership tab for more detailed information on how to become a member. There are also a few Honorary Lifetime Members. These folks achieved that level of distinction through years of hard work and dedication to the organization, and for that we will always be in their debt. The listing below is our complete membership, and will be updated regularly. If you believed yourself to be a member but don’t see your name listed, you should send an e-mail to membership@jolietdramaguild.org and find out why,

Honorary Lifetime Members

Jan Novotny

Tom Novotny

Joe Boron

Elenor Boron

Sue Martin


Sustaining Member

Marty Kaspar

Suzanne Kaspar

Michelle Heermann

Tyler McMahon

David Ford


Standard Member

Elyse Lorenz

Margaret Lorenz

Anthony Barr

Kalista Roling

James Perona

Phaulon Voss

Teresa Horvath

Sharon Spellman

Susan Zahller

Adam Rociles

Trevor Plodzien

Maddison Denault

Deonte Bolden

Sabra Thomas

Nancy Gallman Witzke

Nicholas Russell

Shari Rambow

Calista Plodzien

Jacquie Voss

Abigail Spengler












New member benefits begin when you join or renew, and continue for one year from that date. Except, of course, Lifetime Members.

Meanwhile, as members, you are entitled to view the guild's governing documents, minutes from board meetings, and the treasurer's reports.

Not a member yet? Click the membership tab on the left for more information and to purchase a membership on-line.

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