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Studio J is an initiative of the Joliet Drama Guild. It is a chance for our members to put on shows that challenge the individual, and stimulate the mind. These shows are something outside the realm of the main stage productions. Our initial production of The Pillowman was a huge success, and was quickly followed by What The Butler Saw.

In January of 2011 Studio J wrapped up it's production of Apartment 3A. Congratulations to all involved.

Studio J is now accepting proposals for shows for the  January and Spring 2012 slots.  To submit
a proposal, contact the Studio J committee by emailing studioJ@jolietdramaguild.org.   

A proposal should contain the following information: 
 - a basic set diagram
 - a synopsis of the potential play
 - an approximate budget
 - a break-down of characters
 - how you intend to cast the show (precast, open auditions or audition by invitation)
 - a reason why this play should be a Studio J show

The committee will read the play and review the proposal. Based on the committee’s recommendation, approved submissions will be relayed to the Board with an interview to follow. Studio J will accept submissions from JDG Board members, JDG members and will consider submissions from non-members as well.