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JDG Workshops

 Workshops are a way to continuously improve our craft in all aspects of the theatre.  Learning from talented teachers and improving ourselves individually will transfer to the growth of the already talented members of the community and Guild.  We are currently getting a schedule together but in the meantime we would love to gather feedback as to which workshops you would be most interested in!  Please email workshop@jolietdramaguild.org if you are interested in attending.

  • Improvisation (short and long form)
    • Fun for everyone with any kind of experience!  Class will look in depth as to how improvisation can be help with a play performance along with a study of long form improvisation that places such as The Second City and The Groundlings use as a show format.  Also fun games that you can use to entertain at future gatherings!
  • *Scene Study
    • An intensive scene study course that would have a 4 week duration meeting 1-2 times a week.  Join up with a fellow classmate and learn different acting methods such as Stanislavski and Meisner amongst others to incorporate into your scene.  We are planning on having the final performance of scenes be done as a “Showcase” so you can invite family, friends and industry folk to see the work you and your scene partner have done!  More details to follow.
  • Stage Combat
    • Wanna learn how to take a punch to the face or drag someone across stage by their hair?  Well then this is the workshop for you!
  • Stagecraft
    • Get the knowledge you would need to build a set!
  • Make-up
    • Not only useful for the theatre, but can also be that final touch you need come NEXT Holloween!
  • Lighting and Sound
    • If the actors and set can’t be seen or heard, then what’s the point?
  • Monologue Intensive
    • Need help finding that one elusive monologue?  Know that you can act a part in a play but just need help jumping that first hurdle of…dun dun DUUUNNN…monologue auditions?  Want to make some tweaks to a monologue you already use or just get a new perspective?  This class will do it all!
  • Play writing
    • Learn the techniques needed to write out that new play you have circling in your head.  Or maybe you want to try something like writing sketch comedy?  Then, have others in the workshop do a staged reading so you can “hear” your work out loud so you can continue to write that masterpiece!
  • If anyone has other workshop ideas that they would like for us to explore, by all means LET US KNOW IN YOUR FEEDBACK!! 

Once we get feedback and a schedule from The Bicentennial Park, we will send out another notice informing you which workshops are happening and when.  Who knows?  Might be able to do all of them!

We will also be looking for candidates to lead some of these workshops.  If you or anyone else you know feels that they have the expertise to teach one of these or any other theatrical workshop, please feel free to put that in your response as well.

If you are interested in becoming a member prior to the workshop, please contact our membership committee. membership@jolietdramaguild.org. Workshops are always free to members!